Image is Everything In Marketing and Sales / by Tonda McKay

"Image is everything."  This was a slogan for Andre Aggassi and Canon back in 1989. Ironically this slogan caused Andre a lot of trouble, but it was one of Canon's most successful campaigns.   Image is even more important today. There are several platforms for sharing media, specifically photos and videos. As a business owner, real estate agent, or marketing director there needs to be a consistent common thread across all platforms: high quality photos and videos.

A professional photographer can even create a panoramic of the front of large facilities for use as a header.

A professional photographer can even create a panoramic of the front of large facilities for use as a header.

A business should invest in a professional photographer for headshots, product photography, corporate branding, and for conventions or large meetings. Messages gets watered  down if images are sub-par. Especially if all the social media channels to market a business are used, such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Now, more than ever, a business owner can reach thousands of potential customers on social media for free.   Free social media does not mean free pictures taken on an iPhone is sufficient.   Lighting, composition, color saturation, among other factors are a multi step process that will take an average image and make it a great one. 

For example, many people on LinkedIn just snap a photo from their iPhone and upload it to the website. In searching LinkedIn it is very easy to see who sought out a professional photographer for headshots and who used a casual photo. Even if you want a casual look, it is still wise to chose a professional photographer for headshots. Your face is connected to your brand, whether it is a corporation or a small business. The internet is the great equalizer. On LInkedIn a recent college graduate's image might appear next to the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.  A professional photo makes it appear you have reached a certain level of success.  It is a very good investment for your future.  

iPhone or professional? So easy to tell, isn’t it?”

Another example is selling products online. Most websites require small products on white backgrounds. It is not as simple as it appears.   Even when shooting products against a white background it is difficult to get the background completely white. What ends up on the website is a mixture of different whites and grays that just says "low budget" if only subliminally to the shopper.  Want to have an image as a successful shop owner?  Go and find a great product photographer. If you are thinking, "I can't afford that."  Remember many business are willing to barter for services. Ask, you truly have nothing to lose.  

Professional photography is an investment a company cannot afford to ignore.