Panoramic Views for Marketing Property / by Tonda McKay

Westminister Magnolia Garden captured by using panoramic

Westminister Magnolia Garden captured by using panoramic

I have been a real estate and architectural photographer for over 25 years and it is truly amazing how things have changed in photography Early in my career I used a 4x5 camera and delivered transparencies to the clients. Now we have DSLR cameras which have a standardized format and most architectural photographers just shoot that format to deliver images to the clients. I provide an extra step in my image processing.


In today's business environment there are all types of media, both digital and print, that are used for marketing. When I used the 4x5 camera I knew that some of it would be cropped for an 8x11 print ad. Today there are no restrictions since most marketing is done in the digital media format. Often when I am photographing for an architectural client I shoot a panoramic shot to capture the whole scene. These panoramic photos work very well in LinkedIn or Facebook banner, or across a PDF format. Often a pano can show the full scope of what a location looks like much better than a super wide angle shot. Additionally when I shoot a pano in high resolution the marketing department can cut out any piece from the photo they want to use.


Often with large buildings such as convention centers and shopping malls the format is very long to capture the entire site To shoot the whole building the photographer needs to stand very far away which results in too much sky and foreground. In editing, the sky and foreground can be cropped, but there is a resolution loss in cropping therefore resulting in a lower quality photograph.


A photographer who thinks outside the DSLR box will provide you with an image that is not only user friendly, but a higher quality photograph to highlight your property.